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In 2014, RYMCO inaugurated its new Nissan showroom in Dbaye, in an outstanding event revealing the all new 2015 Nissan models in the presence of Nissan’s international executives.

In 2015, RYMCO offered a donation to the CCCL as part of its corporate social responsibility activities. This donation was a result of the new Nissan Patrol campaign, initiated in September 2014, aiming to collect $1,000 from every sale of a new Patrol .

Mr. Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of Nissan worldwide met with Mr. Fayez Rasamny and members of RYMCO management, during his short visit to Lebanon and in the occasion, RYMCO donated a new Nissan Minibus to the Children Cancer Centre of Lebanon (CCCL)

Rymco introduced a one of a kind service, the Mobile Workshop, enabling all clients to have their car checked by a professional technical team from RYMCO, anywhere they want, upon prior request for periodic maintenance (oil, filter, brakes, etc.)

In 2016, RYMCO reinforced its leading position in the automotive sector by announcing the dealership acquisition of LADA cars in Lebanon and a special showroom was arranged for Lada in Jal el Dib. Few months after, RYMCO surprised the audience with the come-back of Datsun through two entry level models mi-do and on-do

it inaugurated one of the biggest car maintenance and customer service centers in Lebanon, in the Choueifat area. The facility, which is a site dedicated for the cars and commercial vehicles’ maintenance and repair, is fully equipped to accommodate about 1,000 vehicles.

In addition, the company unveiled the locally tuned and reliable 1,000 HP Nissan GT-R that was the result of a long research and development process done by a team of experts at RYMCO. The event took place in RPM Mtein and witnessed the launching of the official GT-R club in cooperation with Nadim Mehanna.



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