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Dear Sir(s),

In a world that demands an unparallel match of security and office needs, we hereby introduce TECHTRADE Business Systems, show casing a wide range of products and services proven to meet the standards of today’s higher technology.

TECHTRADE Business Systems employees still preserve the tradition of their, 35 years old parent company, and continue to serve as the core contributors to our success by holding the world of our statement “Customer’s Satisfaction”.

We provide state of the art: Banking solutions, CCTV surveillance systems, intrusion & fire alarm systems, access control systems, time attendance, telephone systems, POS & Cash registers, Office supplies (photocopiers, printers, toners...) and last but not least Computer & IT solutions…

All of these solutions are backed up with an enthusiastic maintenance team ready to support your business on the spot!

A Sincere thank you in advance
Selim Kimaz
Chairman & C.E.O


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