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In 1996, Est. Mosses Dikran Ajzajian was founded. After its continuously growing success in the domain of manufacturing and wholesale, opened its well designed and decorated showroom in Jdeideh-al metn. It is a family owned furniture business offering its clients a wide range of products at a high quality/price ratio. After its success and the rise of sales, the main concept of Unique Design became to raise customer satisfaction. Customers can expect to see at Unique Design styles and home trends (once only available at fancy and expensive furniture studios) at affordable prices. Competition has compelled Design to embark in projects demanding a solid backup in quality products and quality control, creating a niche of its own. In order to cope with this new quality vision of the Lebanese market, Unique Design has, in addition to its expertise and know-how, installation teams that enhance and confirm its foothold in the national Lebanese market. In addition to our credibility, our unparalleled after sales services, which led to our customers loyalty, made us one of the most renowned leaders in the art of lifestyle selling and manufacturing.


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